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Setting It Straight with Men's Hair Styling Products




























Are you a male who's always wondered about the differences among hair styling products supposedly made for you? Pomade, styling creams, wax, gel, mousse and the matte range -  yes, there are differences, and it's time to get them straight.




Pomade is that waxy substance that you can put on your hair if you want that wet and shiny look. Although the first pomade was made of mashed apples, the product has evolved and is now mainly composed of oil and wax. Pomade gives you anywhere from a subtle to a strong shine, but compared to gel, it gives you a more natural-looking wet look, and it never flakes out. Should you be searching for pomade in Indonesia, here's where to get pomade in Indonesia.


Styling Creams


Styling creams are best for taming your strands on a really bad hair day or on a hangover day. It is basically a creamy, opaque wax, a consistency that makes it easier to spread around your hair. It doesn't hold that much, but it's great if all you want is a little gentle control, and if you don't want people to think you put anything on your hair.




Wax is sometimes included in the matte category, but it is as legendary as pomade so it does deserve its own class. What makes it different from pomade is its hold - wax is tougher - and because it doesn't have oil (which is in pomade), it doesn't give you that wet look.




Gel, which rose to popularity alongside hairspray during the 80s, is the modern hair grease from this website, which gives you a slicker wet look and a tougher hold. It's best to apply gel on damp or dry hair, but careful not to break the hold when it's dry because it could cause flaking.




If you have thin hair and are looking to add more volume, mousse is the best product for you.  It's has a foamy consistency and coats the hair with polymers to give it that extra fullness. Like gel and hairspray, mousse was popular in the 80s but is still widely available today.


Matte Products (Putty, Paste, Clay, etc.)


If you like that just-got-outta-bed-but-still-gorgeous look, matte products are for you. They come in a wide variety, from paste to clay to fiber and all the rest. What do they have in common? Their matte finish, of course. These products give a flexible hold and adds texture but with none of that wet shine. If natural, tousled hairstyles are your thing, then this range is for you. To add details about pomade, you can go to the site at